This November – minimum precipitation

The average amount of rainfall in Cyprus from November 1 to the morning of November 24 is only 40 percent of normal, according to the Meteorological Service.

The average is only half of the seasonal norm

During the 23 days of November, 21.1 mm of precipitation fell, while the normal amount of precipitation for the entire month is 53.3 mm. The highest level of precipitation was recorded in the new port of Limassol (46.4 mm). This corresponds to 95% of the norm for the whole November. In other areas of the island the picture is as follows: Polis Chrysochous – 34.3 mm (53% of normal), Frenaros – 25.5 mm (60% of normal), Stavros Tis Psokas weather station – 34.2 mm (39% of normal), Paphos airport area – 23.3 mm (45% of normal).

More rain in the north

Today, November 25, Cyprus is still in the grip of a cyclone. Rains and thunderstorms are falling on the northern coast and will move southwards in the afternoon. The southeastern tip of the island will be the least affected by the weather. Hail is possible during showers. Rains are possible at night.

The temperature will not change much and will remain at normal levels for the season – +19-21°C in the interior of the island, +20-23°C – on the coast and about +5°C in the mountains at an altitude of 1800 m.

The influence of the cyclone will remain

On Saturday, November 26, the bad weather will weaken and move to the east. However, the impact of the cyclone in Cyprus will remain. The weather will be clear at first with variable cloud cover. Cloud accumulation in the early morning may lead to light rain. At noon and in the afternoon there will be short term increasing cloudiness in the mountains and foothills, mainly in the southeastern parts of the Troodos Mountains. There will be rains in places. The temperature will rise slightly, remaining at normal levels for the season: +20-22°C inland, +21-23°C – on the coast and about +7°C – high in the mountains.

On Sunday, the cyclone will move south into Egypt and Libya. Temperatures will drop slightly. But it will not exceed limits of seasonal norm: +19-21°C inland, +21-23°C – on the coast and about +6°C – in the mountains. Early next week a dust cloud from the Middle East will come to Cyprus.

Another earthquake

A new earthquake with magnitude 4 was recorded during the night of November 23 to 24 at 02:34. The epicenter was located 30 km northeast of Paphos. Focal depth was 12 km. Seismic activity was located on the areas of Argaki fracture and Fini fracture. The earthquake was felt all over the country. The strongest impact of natural phenomenon was seen in the regions of Paphos and Limassol. It was followed by six aftershocks of magnitude up to 2.9.

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