The Health Insurance Organization (HIO) informs you that there are two new features for users on the HIO portal. They will allow registered users to access their medical history, including the ability to view all referrals, prescriptions, and other services they have received through the system.

Access to Referrals and Prescriptions

This option is available through the home page of the personal account on the GeSI portal – using the Available referrals tab. Here each beneficiary has the opportunity to get information about all referrals written to him or her (the Referrals box), if they are not expired or have not been used to visit a specialist. You will also see all test referrals (Lab Orders tab), all prescriptions (Prescriptions tab), and other approved services (Pre-Approvals tab).

Copayment Information

You can access the Co-payment Information section from the Home page of your Personal Profile. Co-payments in the GESI system are amounts that a patient pays on their own when they receive a prescription for a medication. The payments made must not exceed a certain amount for the year, which is listed on the same page.

GESI Budget.

In 2023, the Health Insurance Organization has budgeted €1.4 billion for the fees of doctors, pharmacists, palliative care specialists and for the treatment of GeSI beneficiaries abroad. The organization’s budget for the full year 2023 includes revenues totaling 1.47 billion euros and expenses totaling 1.45 billion euros. Revenues come from GESI contributions of 1.46 billion euros, government subsidies of 8.41 million euros and various administrative revenues of 128,000 euros. In addition to payments to doctors and pharmacists, expenses include operating costs of 28.65 million euros and 9.3 million euros for development.

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